Hwaseong City-Daegu City Cultural Exchange Special Performance ‘WOS Virtuoso Chamber’

The Hwaseong City Cultural Foundation announced that it will hold a special performance ‘WOS Virtuoso Chamber’ for cultural exchange between Hwaseong and Daegu at the Banseok Art Hall of the Dongtan Cultural Center from 7:30 pm on the 26th.

This performance, which was planned to promote cultural exchange between Hwaseong City and Daegu City, and contribute to the promotion of friendship, features the high-quality performance of ‘WOS Virtuoso Chamber’ and world-class violinist Soyoung Yoon, conducted by Tania Miller, a female conductor representing North America.

‘WOS Virtuoso Chamber’ is an ensemble group founded in 2020 by the ‘World Orchestra Series Organizing Committee’ and ‘Daegu Concert House’.

Tania Miller is one of Canada’s top conductors who express dynamic and powerful technique and elegant and rich sensibility. She is currently the Honorary Music Director of the Victoria Symphony and has performed with famous orchestras such as the Chicago Symphony Orchestra and the Montreal Metropolitan Orchestra to perform on the world stage.

Violinist Soyoung Yoon is one of the most remarkable Korean performers in international competitions. She won the Yehudi Menuin Competition, the first Korean winner of the Wieniawsky Competition, and the 3rd International Violin Competition, Indianapolis International Competition, USA.

Starting with Astor Piazzolla’s ‘Four Seasons of Buenos Aires’, the program consists of Mendelssohn’s ‘Symphony for Strings No.10 in b minor, MWV N10’, and Elgar’s ‘Introduction and Allegro, Op.47’. will be coloured with a beautiful classical melody.

According to the guidelines of the authorities, the performance will be operated in strict compliance with quarantine rules such as body temperature check, electronic entry list, and distance between seats.

On the other hand, this special performance, operated as part of cultural exchange between Hwaseong City and Daegu City, will be held at the Banseok Art Hall of the Dongtan Cultural Center on October 26, while the Daegu City ‘WOS Virtuoso Chamber’ will be held on October 26, and the Hwaseong City ‘MIH Art Troupe’ will be held in November. The concert will be held at the Daegu Concert House Grand Hall on the 3rd. Other concert reservations and related inquiries can be found on the Hwaseong City Cultural Foundation website.

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