Welcome to my writing site.

One of the things I have been most passionate about over the years has been to find a way to help people connect to music, in their own personal way, and to be able to find the way to communicate about why it changes our life. Music is a sound-embodied force of understanding, emotion, story-telling, energy, and history—it literally carries within itself the ideas and inspirations of humanity.

We don’t need to have knowledge to understand music because it speaks directly to us, but I want to use my experience as a performer and conductor to share ideas with you about life, our mind, performance, education, awareness and many other incredibly meaningful and interesting topics that relate to music.

I realize, too, that music has taught me about life. You’ll find musings about leadership, performance, neuroscience, nature and many other aspects of life that I’ve connected to through my experiences as a conductor.I welcome you to spend some time with me here on my articles and blog pages, and encourage you to stay conneced and to interact on this site.. Enjoy.



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Join me in my casual, behind-the-scenes blog about conducting, concert experiences, music, and travel.